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U.S. Estate Tax (706) 2022

U.S. Estate Tax (706) 2022

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U.S. Estate Tax—2022

Feature List

  • Produces print-shop-perfect forms on any printer.
  • Bigger is Better. Our forms have a slightly larger font size that is easier to read.
  • Main Window. Combines the user-friendliness of a help screen with readily access to all forms. Click here to see the interface.
  • All calculations are performed dynamically and automatically.
  • P706 is a standalone program. It is not a word processor or spreadsheet or pdf template where you must complete the forms manually. On Windows systems P706 will print and preview forms using either Word for Windows or WordPad. On Mac systems you must have Microsoft Word for Mac installed.
  • Over 20 custom continuation pages for better organization and a more comprehensible final product.
  • Worksheets are provided for entering beneficiaries, assets and debts. Each allows you to work with centrally located information that you can effortlessly change, delete, insert, append and organize. Additional new worksheet features are:
  • Copy/Paste Row. The Beneficiary and Asset/Debt Worksheets both have the new Copy/Paste commands that operate on rows instead of individual fields.
  •  Sorting. The new worksheets also have a sort function similar to what you'll find in many other areas of Windows--click on a column header and the items in the worksheet sort themselves according to that column.
  •  Fast Find. Use the right-click context menu or press Ctrl+F in order to locate a particular record or row in the worksheet table. Very handy when you got a lot of entries.
  • Access to on-line stock and mutual fund valuations.
  • Auto fit - makes your entries fit in the required space even if your text is too long.
  • Check Return function reviews nearly 100 rules and reminders for testing a tax return prior to printing.
  • Tutorial included in the on-disk, pdf manual for stepping beginners through a sample estate tax return.
  • Upgrades available by download—you can stay up-to-date on late-breaking changes by downloading your upgrade from our web site. Any day of the week, anytime of the day or night.
  • Network Version Available. Makes network installation, maintenance and use easier than ever before.

Included Forms

  •  Form 706 U.S. Estate Tax Return - pages 1 through 4
  •  Schedule A Real Estate
  •  Schedule A-1 Section 2032A Valuation - 4 pages
  •  Schedule B Stocks and Bonds
  •  Schedule C Mortgages, Notes and Cash
  •  Schedule D Insurance on the Decedent's Life
  •  Schedule E Jointly Owned Property
  •  Schedule F Other Miscellaneous Property
  •  Schedule G Transfers During Decedent's Life
  •  Schedule H Powers of Appointment
  •  Schedule I Annuities
  •  Schedule J Funeral and Administrative Expenses
  •  Schedule K Debts of the Decedent ...
  •  Schedule L Net Administration Losses
  •  Schedule M Bequests, etc. to Spouse
  •  Schedule O Charitable, Public & Similar Gift
  •  Schedule P Credit for Foreign Death Taxes
  •  Schedule Q Credit for Tax on Prior Transfer
  •  Schedule R Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax - 3 pg
  •  Schedule R-1 Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax
  •  Worksheet TG Taxable Gifts Reconciliation
  •  Worksheet TG Taxable Gifts Reconciliation
  •  Line 7 Worksheet Gift Tax on Gifts After 1976
  •  Schedule Q Worksheet Credit for Tax on Prior Transfers
  • Form 8971 Information Regarding Beneficiaries
  • Form 8971 Schedule A Information on Property Acquired

* Note that the Mac version requires Microsoft Word for Mac word processor. The Windows version does not.

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