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Ohio Business Dissolution Kit

Ohio Business Dissolution Kit

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Last Updated - March 23, 2023

Ohio Business Dissolution Kit is designed to organize and streamline the process of dissolving an Ohio business. The goal is to maximize your efficiency by helping you to complete and file the necessary forms and notices in a minimum amount of time. It does this by assembling all the necessary forms and guiding you through the dissolution process.

It's Not Just The Forms — Sure, some of these forms are available on the Internet, but remember, Ohio Business Dissolution Kit lets you save your all these documents in one file as a set. Furthermore, most of the forms complete themselves significantly reducing your preparation time and eliminating errors. If you're currently using available Internet forms or your own word processing templates, it will be a tremendous time-saver.

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Word Processor Compatibility — One click of the mouse and you're in your word processor looking at a completed document. Not only can you edit your answers, but the forms themselves can be modified!

Customizable Documents and Defaults — Like all our other programs, there's a Default file through which you can preset unchanging information like the preparer's name, address, telephone number, etc. This feature lets you avoid needing to type your office/preparer information over and over again.

Network Friendly  Ohio Business Dissolution KIt is easy to set up for network centralization of documents and templates. The two advantages of this method are document sharing and simplification of the backup process.

Pop-Up Menus — Right-click your mouse button to access pop-up menus for common functions like saving files, starting new files, previewing and printing documents.

Dissolution Forms & Letters

Corporate Resolutions

  • Action by Shareholders

  • Action by Directors

Ohio Secretary of State

  • Form 560 - Domestic Nonprofit Corporations - Certificate of Dissolution

  • Form 561 - Domestic & Foreign For Profit Corporations - Certificate of Dissolution

  • Form 562 - Limited Liability Companies - Certificate of Dissolution, etc.

  • Form 563 - Limited Partnerships - Certificate of Cancellation, etc.

  • Form 567 - Statement of Denial

  • Filing/enclosure letter

Ohio Department of Taxation

  • Form D-5 Notification of Dissolution or Surrender

Internal Revenue Service

  • Form 966 - Corporate Dissolution or Liquidation

Miscellaneous Letters & Notices

  • County Treasurer Notice

  • Ohio Bureau of Worker's

  • Compensation Notice

  • Close Corporation Affidavit

  • Ohio Department of Job & Family Services Notice

  • Notice to Claimants and Creditors
    Client Instruction Letter

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