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The Best of Law Office Computing

The Best of Law Office Computing

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Law Office Computing was first published in 1998 as a twenty page booklet designed to contain computing tips and other technical information that would interest law offices. The thought was that my background and training in science and law would provide a unique perspective in identifying helpful technical information and utilities. The idea proved a good one. In a few years Law Office Computing grew to 48-pages including a glossy, magazine-style cover.

There are presently about 30,000 law offices receiving Law Office Computing and over 8,000 of them make up Puritas Springs Software’s list of customers. I speak with them daily (not all 8,000 of course), and one constant I recognize is that staff persons found Law Office Computing to be interesting reading. It’s always a good sign when people call with updated address information. It means they don’t want to miss an issue.
Law offices are busy places—the emergency room for legal injuries. It's difficult to find time to sit quietly and read something that’s not a legal document. So, I rolled up my sleeves and spent several months culling through years of back issues looking for, and then rewriting and updating the articles we felt were the best of the best. The result was a 130+ page book comprised of bite-size, digestible bits that can be consumed in your free moments—The Best of Law Office Computing.

In this volume you’ll discover a number of applications that are not only valuable in your law office, but they’re free on the Internet. Applications like TeamViewer that can save a small or medium size law office considerable time and money. I consider it an essential law office utility and if you’re not using it, you’re missing out. Best of all, it’s free!

I’ve also collected some of the most useful Microsoft Word tips and hints and the same goes for Microsoft Outlook—the email handler—and OneNote—the free note taking utility. In addition, there are chapters on troubleshooting, malware, backups, Windows 10, the Internet, and more.

If you’re looking for a structured approach to learning about computing, you won’t find it here. Instead, this book is an assemblage of topics that are arranged in chapters but don’t necessarily cover any particular subject in depth or in an organized manner. Just a collection of great computer-related information that I feel would interest law offices.

In closing I want to thank those 8,000 law offices I referred to. They are a constant source of information, inspiration and encouragement that are priceless to me.

The Best of Law Office Computing is downloaded as a 130+ pdf file that can be read in any device that recognizes pdf files including desktop computers, notebook computers, tablets, Kindles and more.

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