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Wrongful Death & Minors Claims

Wrongful Death & Minors Claims

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Available for Windows and Macs. 

Ohio Minor's Claims & Wrongful Death (Minor) software offers a comprehensive collection of probate forms for handling wrongful death and minor's claims in Ohio. 

Key Features 

Automatic Continuation Schedules. Simplifies form completion by automatically generating necessary continuation pages. 

Professional Form Production. Creates professional-looking forms that comply with the Ohio Supreme Court’s typographical specifications. 

Network Compatibility. Designed with network capabilities to facilitate centralized file management, easy backup, and synchronization. 

Dynamic Calculations. Automates all calculations, transfers common information, and completes waivers and consents without user intervention. 

Included Forms 


Form 14.0 - Application to Approve Settlement and Distribution
Form 14.0 - Continuation page for spouse, children, parents and kin
Form 14.0 - Continuation page for survival claimants
Form 14.01 - Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice
Form 14.1 - Waiver and Consent Continuation Page
Form 14.2 - Entry Approving Settlement and Distribution
Form 14.2 - Continuation page for distribution orders
Form 14.3 - Report of Distribution
Form 14.3 - Continuation page for net proceeds to beneficiaries
Form 14.4 - Entry Approving Report of Distribution


Form 15.7 - Application for Authority to Expend Funds 


Form 22.0 - Application to Settle a Minor's Claim
Form 22.01 - Entry Setting Hearing
Form 22.1 - Waiver and Consent
Form 22.1 - Waiver and Consent Continuation Page
Form 22.2 - Entry Approving Settlement
Form 22.3 - Verification of Receipt and Deposit
Form 22.3 - Verification of Receipt and Deposit Continuation Page
Form 22.4 - Report of Distribution


General Information Worksheet
Settlement Accounting Worksheet
Time and Services Worksheet
List of Medical Expenses and Proposed Payees
List of Medical Expenses and Proposed Payees Continuation Page
List of Suit Expenses
List of Suit Expenses Continuation Page
List of Time and Services - Exhibit for Application
List of Time and Services - Continuation Pag
Retainer Agreement
Application for Attorney Fees
Judgment Entry for Attorney Fees

Enhancements for Attorneys. 

Automatic Attorney Fee Calculations. Includes a Time & Services Worksheet that automates the computation of attorney fees and supports the preparation of related applications and entries. 

Export Capability. It allows the export of forms to a word processor for further editing and sharing, printing, faxing, emailing, and PDF creation. 

Affordable and Efficient. 

Cost-Effective. Priced to offer significant value, saving time and costs in preparing and managing minor’s claims and wrongful death cases. 

Updates. Click here to see our outrageously consumer-friendly update policy. 

Minor streamlines the management of wrongful death and minor’s claims cases, enhancing the productivity of your law office by simplifying complex processes and automating routine tasks. 

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