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HUD Forms

HUD Forms

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HUD Forms - Settlement Statements and 

CFPB Forms - Loan Estimate & Closing Disclosure 

Compatibility & Hardware Requirements 

- Windows: Compatible with Windows 11, 10 and 8. 

- Mac OSX: Supports versions 10.8 and higher. 

- Microsoft Word: Necessary for previewing and printing forms on both Windows and Mac versions. 

Key Features 

Redesigned Data Entry Screens. Our screens are not only easy on the eyes but also enhance usability. Features like tree view navigation, background shading, and screen fade-ins improve readability and accessibility, mimicking the layout of traditional paper forms. 

Addendum Forms. Our addendum feature is a hit in offices that need more flexibility for entries that exceed the space on standard forms. 

Infinitely Modifiable. Since all forms are previewed in Word, you can modify your previewed forms as extensively as any Word document. 

Flexible Data Entry. Enter text or numbers as needed without restrictive error messages. 

Ghost Prompts. Suggestive text in fields guides input and disappears once the field is completed, ensuring clean, print-ready forms. 

Quick Help. Context-sensitive help available via right-click provides instant guidance on data entry. 

New Fields. Added for "paid outside closing" (POC) amounts. 

Print-Shop-Perfect Forms. Leverage Microsoft Word’s capabilities for professional-looking forms, customized formatting, and access to advanced printing options. 

PDF Conversion and Emailing. Once previewed in Word, documents can be easily converted to PDF, emailed, and spell-checked. 

PDF Resources. Access over 200 pages of instructional content, including government guidelines, completed samples, and more. 

Included Forms: 

HUD Settlement Statement Forms 1 & 1A 

HUD Good Faith Estimate 

CFPB Loan Estimate 

CFPB Closing Disclosure 

Settlement Check (up to 20 per file) 

Tax Proration Table 

Upgrade your document processing capabilities with our HUD and CFPB forms application, which is designed to meet the evolving needs of real estate and legal professionals. 

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