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Corporate/LLC Record Book

Corporate/LLC Record Book

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Last Updated - September 20, 2023

Ohio Corporation & Limited Liability Company Record Book (CorpLLC) is your ticket to streamlining the business start-up process as well as maintaining continuing activities like annual meetings, minutes of meetings and resolutions. Our YouTube demonstration video shows you just how quick and easy you can prepare the necessary legal forms and documents without sacrificing quality and professionalism.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. All the forms in CorpLLC are linked. That means you won't be entering the same information multiple times on different forms. By eliminating redundant typing like retyping the name of the corporation or its charter number on the same or different forms, you save time and eliminate errors. The demonstration video shows you how you can prepare the entire set of start up documents by completing two worksheets!

  2. One client file. CorpLLC saves all your client information in one file―hundreds of pages of it. Compared to the web forms it's a dream come true. Try it with the web forms and here's the warning you're likely to receive: "Please Note: You cannot save a completed copy of this form on your computer. If you would like a copy for your records, please fill it in and print it." While this may be tolerable for non-professionals, it's a major drawback for law offices.

  3. Quick and easy changes and corrections. A corollary of the inability to save files that is characteristic of web forms is that if you discover an error after you've printed the form and closed the PDF page, you must retype the entire page again! Not so with CorpLLC. Make changes and corrections easily. No messy whiteout or fixing on a typewriter. Just reopen your client file, change only the field you want, and print. Done!

  4. Program vs. script/templates. CorpLLC is a genuine application, not a script or template. What's the difference? Well, a true computer program runs by itself without requiring you to purchase other expensive software to make it work, i.e., HotDocs. Also, there are no "subscription" fees, maintenance costs, or other hidden expenses. 

CorpLLC has hundreds of pages of the selected forms and instructions from the Ohio Secretary of State's office as well as those forms that make up the business record book for domestic for-profit corporations, professional associations and limited liability companies. Here's a comprehensive list.



  • General Information
  • Business Directory


  • Proceedings of the Incorporators
  • Initial Articles of Incorporation (Secretary of State Form 532A)
  • Order and Waiver of Notice of Receipt of Subscriptions
  • Share Subscription
  • Notice of First Shareholders' Meeting
  • Minutes of First Shareholders' Meeting
  • Waiver of Notice of First Shareholders' Meeting
  • Code of Regulations
  • Assent to the Adoption of Regulations
  • Election of Board of Directors
  • Certificate of Inspectors
  • Minutes of First Directors' Meeting
  • Election of Officers
  • Conclusion of First Directors' Meeting and Certification of Election
  • Minutes of Shareholders' Meeting (100 blank pages)
  • Share Ledger/Journal
  • Fiduciary's Bond
  • Certificate of Amendment (Secretary of State Form 540)
  • Certificate of Dissolution (Secretary of State Form 561)
  • Reinstatement & Appointment of Agent (Secretary of State Form 525A)
  • Corporation Resolution (100 blank pages)


  • Initial Article of Incorporation (Secretary of State Form 532C)
  • Reinstatement (Secretary of State Form 525B)
  • Biennial Report (Secretary of State Form 520)


  • Articles of Organization (Secretary of State Form 533A)
  • Certificate of Amendment (Secretary of State Form 543A)
  • Operating Agreement
  • Dissolution of Limited Liability Company (Secretary of State Form 562)
  • Members' Resolution (100 blank pages)


  • Filing Cover Sheet (Secretary of State Form)
  • Credit Card Authorization (Secretary of State Form)
  • Statutory Agent Update (Secretary of State Form 521)
  • Multiple Agent Name and Address Change (Secretary of State Form 526)
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