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Law Office Management

Law Office Management

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Law Office Management (LOM) is a comprehensive Windows-based program designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your law office. Compatible with Windows 11, 10 and 8. There is no Mac version of this application. 

LOM integrates three key applications: ClientBase5 (CBase5), BookBase5 (BBase5), and BillBase5 (BillB5), each specifically tailored to streamline various aspects of law office management. 

Key Features and Benefits 

Integrated Suite of Tools. LOM combines client information management, bookkeeping, and billing into a cohesive platform. 

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Word. All documents can be reviewed, edited, and printed directly from Microsoft Word, ensuring ease of use and a seamless workflow. 

Customizable and User-Friendly. Personalize billing statements, manage client information, and track financial transactions all within a single application. 

No Recurring Fees. Purchase includes all features without the need for additional payments for upgrades or support. 

Functional Overview 

ClientBase5 (CBase5). Manages client data including names, addresses, and detailed notes. Unique features like the Fast Find function, Twin windows display (List View and Table View), and integration with mailing software enhance accessibility and productivity. 

BookBase5 (BBase5). A dedicated bookkeeping module designed for legal practices, recording receipts and disbursements related to specific clients as well as general office finances. It features intuitive sorting and filtering tools, incremental searching, and easy report generation. 

BillBase5 (BillB5). Streamlines the creation of detailed billing statements, integrating data from CBase5 and BBase5. It supports customization of billing items and automates the generation of itemized statements and recurring bills. 


Automated Billing Process. From generating perfect bills for window-style envelopes to handling complex itemized statements and integrating optional fill-in fields for special charges, LOM ensures a precise and hassle-free billing cycle. 

Resource-Efficient. Designed to minimize learning time and maximize efficiency, with features like label printing and comprehensive client histories for easy retrieval and management. 

Pricing and Support 

Consumer-Friendly Pricing. LOM is available for a one-time fee of $129, offering powerful management tools at a fraction of the cost of competing software.  

Network Version. Available for $395, allowing centralized data management and easier backup solutions, ensuring that updates made by one user are instantly available to all. 

Comprehensive Support. Includes free technical support and remote assistance to ensure seamless integration into your practice. 

Experience the Difference 

LOM is designed to make administrative tasks simpler and more efficient. This system is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized law practices focused on optimizing their billing, bookkeeping, and client management processes. 

Learn More and Explore 

For a closer look at LOM's capabilities, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Discover how LOM can streamline your law office management by exploring our detailed online resources and sample documents. 

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